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"Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Willing is not enough; we must do."

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Posted by scrappy777 - August 1st, 2010

Relations, Creation, Incarceration, Determination, Equation, Humiliation, Reincarnation, Situation, Elation, Identification, Retaliation, Education, Inspiration, No substitution, Solution, Conclusion

Relations (Say Apollo had to break 'em)
Creation (It's a gift, a blessing)
Incarceration (What keeps you down)
Determination (What gets you out)
Equation (When they said you could make it)
Humiliation (What you feel when they say it)
Reincarnation (Say N-A-V)
Situation (Why we've got to sing)
Elation (So many in need)
Identification (Gives you the right to shoot)
Retaliation (What would it do)
Education (Gives you the right to do)
Inspiration (What pulls you through)
No substitution (Try to substitute)
Non-inclusion (Just got to bust through)
Drug infusion (For the chosen few)
Mass confusion (When they say that they died for you)
Delusion (Say that the dreams don't come true)
Solution (It can take a hold of you)
Inspiration (Is what pulls you through)

-Let the drummer kick- Citizen Cope

Posted by scrappy777 - June 16th, 2009

Hmmmmmm... I am such a perfectionist that I refuse to post any new songs until I feel that they are beyond my expectations.... In other words, I feel as if my songs will never be complete because they could always be improved. And why settle for anything less than perfection?

I Gots Nothin' to say!

Posted by scrappy777 - March 16th, 2009

In my opinion, the the music section is the best thing at newgrounds. I love going there and finding new and original music.. It's amazing to see how many talented people there are in the world!

Let me know if you agree! :)

Posted by scrappy777 - September 19th, 2008

*Sigh* I am working on 5 different songs right now, but with school and everything else going on I'm not really sure when I'll have time to finish them....... maybe I'll upload what I have so far as a demo version. Dunno Yet.

Posted by scrappy777 - June 16th, 2008

Hey all, I finally decided to upload my first real song, so go check it out and don't forget to vote and comment!